How it Works?

eBizCard are of 2 types

  1. Professional eBizCard - For the Individuals, solo business professionals or sales professional.
  2. Enterprise eBizCard - For teams over 5 members or Organizations, Enterprise Business Houses, Academic Institutes, Hospitals, Pharma Companies, PSU’s etc.
Step 1

Create your eBizCard

2 simple steps and you've got your very own digital business Professional eBizCard or Enterprise eBizCard

Create your account

Click here and fill out the form in order to signup to your eBizCard account.

Add your Content

eBizCard is all about rich content. Besides your contact details and social networks, consider adding a gallery of photos, videos and custom links so your customers get a rich experience of you!

Step 2

Save to your device

Once you're done setting up your eBizCard – you will receive a WhatsApp message and an email with the link to your card. We encourage our users to save the card to the home screen of their mobile device – that way it's accessible from practically anywhere and can easily be shared with others.

Step 3


Whenever you want to share your eBizCard with someone, just open your eBizCard and choose from any of the sharing methods available (SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook etc).

You can also copy the link to your eBizCard and share it just like any other web page.