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Claim Procedure - For Death and Permanent Total Disablement Insurance Cover

On completing of full registration / ebizcard activation process and submition of nomination details on, you will be eligible for Death and Permanent Total Disablement Insurance upto Rs. 2,00,000/- for a period of one (1) year starting from the date of submition of nomination details.

The cover is available to you regardless of any other existing insurance that you may have. Please ensure that your nominee is aware of the insurance cover and its claim procedure

1. Death and Permanent Total Disablement Insurance

Step 1- Intimation of the Loss / Disablement to the company

In case of the Death of the eBizCard holder, legal nominee must intimate the eBizCard immediately.

In any situation intimation should not take more than 20 calendar days, from the date of death or disablement. Intimation can be done through email: Please note it’s a Death OR Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) only cover.

While intimating about the claim, please mention the following information.

a) Full Name of the deceased / disabled.

b) Registered mobile number (with eBizCard) of the deceased / disabled.

c) Adhar Card number of the deceased / disabled.

d) Date of death / disablement.

e) Cause of death / disablement.

*When claim is intimated through email / website channel, you will receive Claim Identification Number (CIN) from eBizCard through SMS/Email. This will be used as complain number for all future communication with the Card holder/Nominee and the Insurer.

Step 2-Document Submission

Once claim is intimated, customer will receive an E mail, requesting for the required document for claim settlement.

Please submit all the required documents through email, specifying the Claim Identification Number (CIN).

Please note all the documents to be submitted within 50 days from the date of death / disablement. Insurance company will require some of the documents in original and attested copies will not be accepted for claim settlement, Submitting copies of such documents will lead to rejection of the insurance claim.

Insurance company may ask for additional information for settlement of claim, if required. You need to submit the required documents/revert of queries within 15 Working days to the Insurance company.

List of documents required by the Insurance company for settlement of claim are as mentioned below

a) Original Claim form duly filled and signed.

b) Attested FIR/Panchanama/Inquest Panchanama Copy (Notarized)

c) Translated copy of FIR and Post Mortem Report in English/Hindi, if filed in Local Language. (Notarized)

d) Copy of active eBizCard

e) NEFT details of the eBizCard holder/Nominee (Cancellation cheque printed name to be mentioned). If printed name not available in nominee cheque copy, Please provide Bank statement or Pass Book for account number verification

f) Final Police Report (Notarized)

g) Assignee Verification form photo and signature attested (attested by Bank)

h) Attested Post Mortem Report and Viscera report if Viscera preserved/Chemical Analysis (Notarized), if deceased

i) Original Death Certificate, if deceased

j) Attested certificate from Civil Surgeon General Hospital stating details of disabilities, if disabled.

k) Attested Identity card, if deceased is Police/Defence personnel (Notarized)

Please note Coverage conditions

a) eBizCard holder must have an active eBizCard.

b) eBizCard holder/Nominee of the eBizCard holder must intimate eBizCard about the incident within 20 days of any such incident and submit the required documents within 50 days of incident.

c) Claim under this cover is payable only once irrespective of the number of eBizcards held by the cardholder.

d) For detailed terms and conditions, refer the policy document provided by the insurance company.

General Exclusions

a) If eBizCard holder is involved in any illegal activity which has resulted in to the insured event, eBizCard holder/nominee of the card holder will not be eligible for the claim.

b) if eBizCard holder's eBizCard account is terminated or de-activated for any reason, eBizCard holder/nominee of the card holder will not be eligible for the claim.

All insurance benefits listed are provided directly to eBizCard holders/Nominee by the "Insurance Company" (termed as Insurance Company), whose terms, conditions and decisions, for which the eBizCard is not liable shall apply and is binding upon the eBizCard holders.

eBizCard holders will be covered for Death and Permanent Total Disablement only.

Any claims raised by the eBizCard holder has to be raised with eBizCard as per the communicated process for settling claims and the insurance company shall be solely liable for compensation, recovery of compensation, processing of claims or otherwise or in any manner whatsoever

eBizCard shall not be held liable for any deficiency in service on part of the insurance company or for the delay in the process of the claim(s) raised by the eBizCard holder with the insurance company and all disputes in this regard should be taken up with the insurance company

eBizCard holder acknowledge that the insurance benefit provided on the eBizCard will be available to you as per terms of the relevant insurance policy in force and only so long as you are and remain as a eBizCard holder, with your eBizCard account being active and in the event of the eBizCard account being delinquent, suspended or terminated for whatever reason, the benefit of such insurance cover shall automatically and ipso facto cease to be available from such date of cessation of eBizCard membership

eBizCard may at any time (at its sole discretion and without giving notice thereof) suspend, amend or cancel the benefit of such insurance cover and there will be no binding obligation on eBizCard to continue this benefit

In case of an accidental death, the legal heir's assignee shall not be entitled to be paid any amount under the group insurance policy by the insurance company unless and until all the dues to eBizCard are settled. eBizCard shall have first charge/ lien on the insurance amount and shall be entitled to seek adjustment of the insurance amount due by the eBizCard cardholder at the time the insurance claim is made

The cover is available to you regardless of any other existing insurance that you may have. Please ensure that your nominee is aware of the insurance cover and its claim procedure

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this benefits shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only. The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not constitute a claim against eBizCard

eBizCard holder should contact & register claim at


Within 7 Days eBizCard will contact the claimant & provide the list of required documents which needs to be forwarded to the insurance company.

After receiving all required documents eBizCard will forward them to the insurance company. The insurance company shall settle the claim.

Claim should be intimated within 90 days from the date of loss of life or disablement incident.

The Documents are to be scaned and emailed to:

eBizCard - Claim Division